Brian Doucet

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Brian is Canada Research Chair in Urban Change and Social Inclusion and Associate Professor at the School of Planning, University of Waterloo. | Website

I am the Canada Research Chair in Urban Change and Social Inclusion and an Associate Professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo in Canada. I am originally from Toronto, and lived in the Netherlands between 2004 and 2017.

My work critically examines today’s urban renaissance and questions the celebration of the contemporary cities by asking: who profits from this remaking of the city? I have written extensively on gentrification, waterfront regeneration and urban redevelopment. My approach is to focus on  engaged research, relevant to academic, political and societal debates.

I am interested in the political economy of gentrification - how it happens - and the lived experiences of urban change, particularly among marginalised residents. I employ a variety of qualitative methodologies, including photography, to critically address these issues.

I am passionate about teaching and believe that contributing to education is essential to being a successful scholar. My research heavily influences my teaching, while at the same time I encourage students to critically examine the world around them and question why things are where they are.