Sabine Jansen

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Sabine is universitair docent bij de faculteit Bouwkunde van de TU Delft en onderzoekt duurzame energiesystemen voor gebouwen en wijken.

At the department of Architectural Engineering and Technology, section Climate Design, my research focusses on innovative, sustainable and future proof energy concepts for buildings and neighbourhoods. This includes the development and evaluation of sustainable heating solutions for the built environment, in relation to the required heat transition in the Netherlands.

My current focus is on developing neighbourhood energy systems that make as much use of the local energy potential as possible, in order to minimize the energy needed from outside the project area. For this aim I also use the exergy aproach, to make optimal use of the potential of (energy) resources. Furthermore, I aim at including circularity in the energy focused projects as well. With these assumptions, low temperature heating systems are very promising and must be further developed, since many renewable sources are available at relatively low temperatures (typically below 35 degrees). The projects projects I am involved in, my (educational) lectures and the master theses I supervise are focussed on these topics.