Sara Özogul

Author profile
Sara is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. Her work centres around urban diversity, governance and property-led development.

I am a postdoctoral researcher and project manager in the WHIG Project (What Is Governed in Cities: Landscapes and the Governance and Regulation of Housing Production), funded by the Open Research Area for the Social Sciences (ORA). The project examines the inter-relationships between contemporary investment flows into the housing markets of major metropolitan centres (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Greater London and Grand Paris) and the governance arrangements and public policy instruments that are designed to regulate them.

Previously, I worked as a researcher for the DIVERCITIES project (Governing Urban Diversity: Creating social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in today’s hyperdiversified cities), and assisted the PARCOUR project (Public Accountability to Residents in Contractual Urban Redevelopment). I completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Tuna Tasan-Kok at the University of Amsterdam, hold a MSc in Urban Studies (distinction) from University College London (UK) and a BA in Social Sciences (summa cum laude) from University College Roosevelt (NL).