Govert Derix

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Govert Writer is een schrijver, filosoof en consultant bij Derix Tekstproducties.

Robert is a writer, copywriter, philosopher, advisor, speaker and moderator. Eleven years experience as director of a text and communication company, where his responsibilities included general management, marketing and sales, project coordination and human resources. Works independently since 2008 on assignments where the primary goal is to make a difference. Has published over 20 books, on assignment or autonomously. Has the ability to combine creativity with strategic advice, both on and behind the screen. Is frequently asked to apply his reasoning skills to help inject new life into initiatives and bring complex projects out into the limelight in a concise manner. As a speaker, willingly throws himself into the lions’ den. Experienced in putting vision into practice.

Specialties: Boekproducties
Long- en shortcopy, ghostwriting
Complexere adviestrajecten
Lezingen, dagvoorzitterschap
Filosofisch advies, filosofische gesprekken